Personal Branding

In its simplest form, Personal Branding refers to the way you present yourself to stand out from the competition, be memorable, and attain your professional objectives. It is how you are perceived by your target audience. In other words, Personal Branding involves working at your best potential, developing your skills, and improving yourself to be the best in the field you are in.

Personal Branding highlights your unique value - your achievements and what you do in order to meet the needs of your target market. In developing your personal brand, you need to determine your goals and identify the characteristics that make you stand out. Know your strengths that will help you reach your objectives.

After developing your personal brand, you need to do several things to inform people and ensure that they will remember you and what you do. You can create an Elevator Pitch and a blog. Expand your social network by creating accounts in different social networking sites. If you own a website, make sure to get good inbound links and have a constant supply of fresh content. It also helps to have a logo, favicon, and tagline for easier recall.

Maintaining your personal brand is another important thing to take into account. It's all about consistency. When posting comments in blogs and forums, or when submitting articles to sites, make sure to use only one avatar. Get feedback from other people and know other things that you can do to promote and maintain your personal brand. It's not that difficult but it takes time.

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